1.Payments must be made by cash,credit card,cheque,pay pal or bacs payment at completion of the job and a deposit maybe required.

2.deposit's must be paid at least 7 days before work is carried out and deposits are non refundable unless throw fault of our own 

3.extra charge will be required if traveling through the congestion charge zone and extra fuel charges may apply when traveling outside m25 

4.parking and parking fees must be arranged by the customer.any parking fines must be paid by the customer to the driver on completion of the job

5.job completion times are estimated.estimated times are not guaranteed and any work taking longer than estimated is chargeable.Although we always do our best to be on time.circumstances out of our control may cause some delays 

6.other than by reason of our own negligence,we will not be held liable for the cost that may arise from any damaged goods. not included in the quote:unless agreed by us in writing or verbally,we will not -dismantle or assemble unit or system furniture (flat pack),fitments or fittings.disconnect,reconnect,dismantle or re-assemble appliances,fixtures,fittings or equipment take up or lay fitted floor coverings.-move items from or to a loft,unless properly lit and floor and safe access is provided

8.your responsibility:it will your sole responsibility to:take all reasonable steps to ensure that nothing is taken in error.prepare adequately and stabilize all furniture,appliances or electronic equipment prior to their removal and empty all contents.additional charges may arise from failure to discharge these responsibilities

9.our responsibility:it is our responsibility to deliver your goods to you,undamaged by undamaged we mean in the same condition as they were packed,made ready for transportation or otherwise.

10.quotes are not fixed prices but based on the information you give and if at the time of work the quote is found to be in-accurate the cost of the quote will increase to meet the demand of the work

11.court of law:by using our services you the customer agree to all terms and conditions stated on this page of our website and when requesting any other service provided by us. 

12.subject to change:our terms and conditions are subject to changes and updates to comply with our service regulations and obligations without prior notice to our old and new customer. 


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