we request that our customers are packed and ready to load when we arrive,this will help us stay on schedule and you avoid any unnecessary charges.pack ahead of time you can purchase boxes and packing materials from a variety of storage facilities or try asking at supermarkets and local shops that will normally have plenty of unwanted boxes.start packing at least a week before you are due to move,leaving only essentials for the last minute.

filling your boxes

please do not over fill your boxes.if they are too heavy this will cause problems and the box may even break under the weight.please do not under fill your boxes either,as this may cause the boxes to collapse if heavy items are put on top.please close and seal all of your boxes.boxes left open with items protruding are awkward and can be dangerous.if an item will not fit in a box,please do not try to squeeze it in,bubble wrap it separately .for your convenience and sanity,make sure you label your boxes clearly and if possible make a list of the items in each box and keep it to hand

use of bags

if possible try to use suitcase,rucksacks and other items of luggage to pack clothes etc.these are preferable to plastic bags which are often over filled and tear easily.if you do have to use sacks,try to use top quality bags or even garden refuse bags which are very thick.

white goods (fridges and freezers etc) try not to but any fridge or freezer food at least one week before you are due to move,so nothing goes to waste-remember to defrost and drain at least 24 hours before the move-appliances must be dry.

dismantling furniture

if your bed can be dismantled,please ensure this is done before your move.this will save space in the van and will also be safer.flat pack furniture does not travel well and is prone to loosening when being moved.remember to put nuts and bolts in  a jiffy bag and tape it to the item it came from.

loading and unloading

always ensure there is parking available outside your premises on the day of the move.this may require you to speak to your neighbors in advance to organize that they will move their vehicle if necessary or arranging a council approved suspended bay.

if you have meters or permit parking,make sure you have plenty of change or the required visitors permit available to is also a good idea to ensure that all doors,stairs,lifts and hallways are clear of obstructions.this will create a steady flow from the premises to the vehicle. 

fragile items

for plasma monitors,mirrors and other fragile items try using bubble wrap or paper as this will give extra protection while being transported in the van,picture frames and other delicate items are best bubble wrapped before transport. 

empty contents

please ensure all contents are empty such as fridges/freezers,wardrobes,draws,as this will make it easier and safer for the removal team to carry and keep all your belongings in the same condition as they were first moved,many furniture is not built to be moved with contents in it,and some items should be dismantled and flat packed before the move which is time consuming but guarantee your goods are moved in the safest manner. 


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